Electric Vehicles

Cumulative Hybrid and EV's

  • 1999: 10
  • 2005: 2,361
  • 2009: 7,951
  • 2010: 9,217
  • 74.38% Increase

Ports Available (243 Tot.)

  • Oahu: 153
  • Maui: 31
  • Kauai: 25
  • Big Island: 34
  • Total: 243

Charge Stations (240 Tot.)

  • Oahu: 177
  • Maui: 23
  • Kauai: 20
  • Big Island: 20
  • Total: 240

Hawaii Overview

The widespread deployment of EVs in Hawaii is a crucial approach toward the reduction of fossil fuel dependency, and Hawaii’s drivers have enthusiastically adopted EVs as their mode of transportation. Interactive maps will also soon help driver’s pinpoint EV charging stations statewide as well as provide detailed information of the station.

To be in control of Hawaii’s energy future, we must move away from near-total dependence on imported crude oil by using energy wisely and increasing production of energy from clean, local, and renewable resources to save the environment.

Hawaii is currently granting state and federal tax breaks for people who choose to purchase an electric vehicle. Even if the electricity comes primarily from oil, as it does in Hawaii at present, switching to electric vehicles will use substantially less oil at lower cost to reach the same level of mobility.

Using electricity in millions of vehicles would substantially reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the transportation sector with only a small increase in the emissions of the electrical sector. If renewable energy is used instead of fossil fuels, the benefits will be countless.

Hawaii Trends

Hybrid and Electric vehicles (EV) has been increasing dramatically since 2005. The Cumulative Hybrid and EV's goes into detail by year displaying the amount of hybrid vehicles and EV in the state. As of 2010 there is a total of 9,217 hybrid and EV’s on the road which is still rapidly increasing with all the tax break benefits of using Green cars to save the ozone. The Charging Network program shows a map with all the current public charging stations and address in the state.

More Data

To learn more about the data, the original data dataset used to create the tables and graphs can be found on the Socrata site.

Cumulative Hybrid and EV's by Year

Hawaii's EV Grant Program Charging Network