Fuel Prices

Honolulu Gasoline Regular:

  • Jun-2012 $ 4.408
  • Jul-2012 $ 4.237
  • 3.98% Decrease

Honolulu Gasoline Premium:

  • Jun-2012 $ 4.461
  • Jul-2012 $ 4.344
  • 2.63% Decrease

Honolulu Diesel:

  • Jun-2012 $ 4.755
  • Jul-2012 $ 4.727
  • 0.59% Decrease

Hawaii Overview

Hawaii gas prices typically trend above the average gas prices on the mainland. Over the past two years, the average price of regular gas has not been below $4.00 and Hawaii has reached new hights as gas prices continue to fluctuate.

Hawaii Trends

The State of Hawaii has been averaging regular gas prices above $4.00 for the past two years. In January of 2012, Hawaii reached its highest average price of regular gas when prices peaked at $4.61. When comparing the average regular gas prices for the three major counties in the State of Hawaii, Wailuku usually trends above the other two counties, Honolulu trends below the other two counties, and Hilo trends in the middle. The average price of regular gas in the State of Hawaii usually stays above the mainland average. Hawaii’s peak price of regular gas thus far of $4.61 is $0.55 above the highest price of regular gas that the mainland has experience which is $4.06.

More Data

To learn more about the data, the original data dataset used to create the tables and graphs can be found on the Socrata site.

Fuel Prices 2006-2012