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Hawaii Library’s Books:

  • 2011 - 426,129
  • 2008 - 428,358
  • 2,229 Decrease

Hawaii Library’s References:

  • 2011 - 121,403
  • 2008 - 124,460
  • 3,057 Decrease

CDs, DVDs, Videos:

  • 2011 - 19,055
  • 2008 - 18,774
  • 15% Increase

Hawaii Overview

Education and training continue to be the most effective path to sustained employment. The highest level of education attained by the majority of Hawaii residents of all age groups was high school graduate. The Hawaii Department of Education is part of the state's executive branch of government and administers federal and statewide educational policy. The department also prepares a system wide budget for the public school system to submit to the Hawaii State Board of Education, which submits a final proposed budget to the Legislature. The department is overseen by the education board and run by the superintendent of education. Hawaii's 256 public K-12 schools are distributed into 42 "complexes," made up of a high school and its feeder schools. Complexes are grouped on a geographic basis into 15 complex areas, each of which is led by a complex area superintendent appointed by the department superintendent. The complex areas are distributed into seven geographic school districts, each of which is represented on the Hawaii State Board of Education.

The Hawaii State Library is the main library and primary resource center for the six-island, multi-branch Hawaii State Public Library System. This historic building first opened to the public on February 1, 1913. It now holds more than a half million cataloged books and more than a million items considered supporting materials. On the island of Oahu there currently are 23 State libraries as well as bookmobiles to serve the resident of Hawaii.

Hawaii Trends

In 2011 the amount of books in Hawaii State Library Systems decreased by 2,229 books from 2008. Also the number of library’ references has been decreasing by 3,057 from 2008. The increase of electronic media went up 10.7% percent from 2005 to 2011. However, Hawaii Libraries still provide a good service and materials in a variety of formats to support the information, education, and recreation needs of the Hawaii community.

More Data

To learn more about the data, the original data dataset used to create the tables and graphs can be found on the Socrata site.

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