Public Transportation


  • 2011 USD 45M
  • 2012 USD 51M
  • 12.74% Increase

People Transported:

  • 2011 73158633
  • 2012 73832127
  • 0.92% Increase

Number of Buses:

  • 2011 530
  • 2012 516
  • 2.65% Decrease

Hawaii Overview

Over the past few years, Oahu’s public transit system has decreased the amount of buses they have running and increased route distance to accommodate the needs of their passengers. While the amount of buses on route has decreased, the amount of people using The Bus has increased by 1% over the last year, which has led to a substantial increase in generated revenue.

Hawaii Trends

There is no general trend in the amount of buses on the road during any given year, but over the last year there has been a 2% decrease in the amount of buses. The mileage that the buses travel has slowly been increasing over the years while the revenue produced due to public transportation has been rapidly increasing each year, this year seeing a $5,846,766 increase. For a while, Hawaii was seeing a continuous decrease in the amount of passengers using public transportation. Over the past few years however, the amount of passengers has gradually increased as public transportation becomes more efficient and routes change to continuously meet the needs of the people. Though the current passenger count of 73,832,127 is lower than the numbers seen in 2009 and is a small increase from the numbers in 2010, this small 1% increase shows that ridership is moving in a positive direction.

More Data

To learn more about the data, the original data dataset used to create the tables and graphs can be found on the Socrata site.

Public Transit for Oahu