Tobacco Tax Collections & Licenses

Amount of Taxes

  • 2012 - $11,212,063
  • 2011 - $13,148,236
  • 14.7% Decrease

License Fees

  • 2012 – $40.00
  • 2011 – $22.50
  • 43.75% Increase

Retail Permits

  • 2012 - $3,320
  • 2011 - $2,420
  • 27.11% Increase

Hawaii Overview

All counties in Hawaii have adopted ordinances that offer varying levels of protection to workers and the public against secondhand smoke. For the last five years, tobacco taxes have been increasing every year and it is found to be the most effective way to reduce tobacco use. However, the gradual decline in revenue remains predictable, tends to be modest, and is more than compensated for by reductions in health care costs and other costs associated with tobacco use

Hawaii Trends

In 2012, the amount of taxes collected on tobacco decreased 14.7% from 2011. While the price of cigarettes has continuously increased since 1965, the percentage of that price going towards taxes is now half of what it was then. There is an increase of 27.11% in retail permits despite an increase in license fees of 43.75% since last year. One of the reasons for the support of increased cigarette taxes in the U.S. is that many studies show that this leads to a decrease in smoking rates. The relationship between smoking rates and cigarette taxes is in fact very elastic; the greater the amount of the tax increase, the greater the proportion of smokers who stop smoking

More Data

To learn more about the data, the original data dataset used to create the tables and graphs can be found on the Socrata site.

Tobacco Tax Collections and Licenses